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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Stress Test Wednesday

I hope everyone's Wednesday was FABULOUS,  mine sure was..  Hello to all my new followers, thanks for stopping by, but more so thanks for staying. 

To start out my day I had my annual Stress Test.  You all may think I'm a little weird but I actually liked having my Stress Test.  It was really COOL to see what my heart did under stress.  And of course I thought I could break some kind of stress test record.  For longest on the mill, highest incline or something.  Then I could dance around the room to the Rocky theme song .  No such luck... They made me stay on for mill for 10 min max..

 Just in case your wondering... I passed with flying colors.   And the Doc told me my resting heart rate was 53 bpm

 He told me I am ATHLETIC.

 Me Athletic, Now that's  AWESOME!!!  

 The typical healthy resting heart rate in adults is 60–80 bpm.

Cyclist Lance Armstrong  has a resting HR around 32 bpm and Marathoner Ryan Hall has a resting HR in the mid-20's.  I'm not in their league but hey I'm Athletic.

Do you have an annual Stress Test?
What is your resting Heart Rate?

I am having to take my workouts easy due to the Plantar Fasciitis.  So today's workout consisted of:

1 mile warm-up walk,  2 mile easy jog, 1 mile cool down walk  all on the treadmill.  Followed by 30 minutes on the spinning bike.  I felt really good.  My foot pain was not as bad as last week so that's progress.  I stretched for 15 min and headed home to ice. 

 Tomorrow I will be swimming or spinning hard to say... I will also be doing the Ab Ripper X.  Love To Feel The Burn...

Maybe I should let you all help me decide....

Should I Swim or Spin?


coach dion said...

Now that you are ATHLETIC maybe you should both swim and spin, and then how about a couple of miles on the treadmill as well...

Anonymous said...

I would swim! You make a stress test sound fun ;)