“The Miracle isn’t that I Finished, The Miracle is that I had the Courage to Start”

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Motivation Monday

Due to circumstance out of my control Monday has decided to come twice this week.  Which is great for me since I was having computer issues and did not get to post my Motivation for the week.  

Motivation Monday

"If the word quit is part of your vocabulary, then the word finish is likely not."
 B.G. Jett

"There are as many reasons for running as there are days in the year, years in my life. But mostly I run because I am an animal and a child, an artist and a saint. So, too, are you. Find your own play, your own self-renewing compulsion, and you will become the person you are meant to be."
 George Sheehan

"Runners just do it - they run for the finish line even if someone else has reached it first."
Author Unknown

"Running is a big question mark that’s there each and every day. It asks you, ‘Are you going to be a wimp or are you going to be strong today?'"
 Peter Maher

“A Runner must run with Dreams in his Heart.”
Emil Zatopek

“Endurance? You’ve only got to get out there and do it. Face up to it: man was meant to run.”
 Percy Cerutty

"Your toughness is made up of equal parts persistence and experience. You don't so much outrun your opponents as outlast and outsmart them, and the toughest opponent of all is the one inside your head."
 Joe Henderson

"You have a choice. You can throw in the towel, or you can use it to wipe the sweat off of your face."

"Ability is what you are capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it."
Lou Holtz

If your going to run, Run Half Crazy

Good Luck to all you Saint Patrick Day Shamrock runners this weekend!


Penny said...

great motivating quotes. I love the Runners just do it. I was able to get out this morning for a 7 mile run. Have not be out myself do to an injury and chest cold. Boy it felt great. The long winter you start to forget how much you really do like to run or I do anyway. The treadmill just doesnt keep me motivated.

Anonymous said...

These quotes are awesome and very inspirational. Thanks for posting :)

Michelle said...

Great quotes - especially the Lou Holtz one - it's one of my favorites!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Thans for sharing your inspiration Kittee!!