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Thursday, March 10, 2011


I went to a Running Store to get fit for a new pair of shoes.  Since it seems my feet have changed some since I have been running more.  They analyzed my feet, which was pretty cool, and told me I need a stability shoe. 

I decided to go with the Brooks Adrenaline
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Brooks Adrenaline

They are light weight so I can run like the wind,  and they felt fabulous.  Here's the deal. The sales person told me I needed to go up a 1/2 size.  Which put me in a 9.  My feet felt like they were swimming in these shoes.  Mr. Incredible said I look like I have clown feet.
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I kept asking are you sure, they feel too big. She said you need to buy the size 9.  Your feet will expand when you run long distance.   You will thank me later.

I have ran in them twice and I really do not like the fit.  My feet keep moving all over the place.  I am thinking of taking them back and getting a size 81/2.  

I sure as HELL heck am not thanking her at this moment. 

So here is the Question?

Do you buy your running shoes a 1/2 size bigger?

If your going to run, Run Half Crazy!


Michelle said...

I got the Brooks Adrenaline a couple of months ago and love them!!

I did buy them a half size bigger and once I adjusted the lacing they fit great (I have a wide foot). I think if you're not happy with the fit you should definitely exchange them.

ashley (redonk runner) said...

I used to always buy 8s (I wear 7.5 in most things) then one day I finally realized I liked the way 7.5 fit better and stopped.. Maybe it varies by brand? I have Brooks and where my normal size with plenty of room!

Cat B. said...

I just bought new Saucony's last month. I have had the same brand for the past 5 years and I was always a 6.5, but this pair I went to a 7...I've never been a 7 in my life! Goes to show..it's just a number, go with what fits!

coach dion said...

I never get shoes that are to big, if that are to big when you put them on, they'll be to big when you run. I have a pair that is a touch small, but I know they will strech and fit better after 100+miles.

Good luck, and remember new shoes are for loving...

linda said...

i bet getting a bigger size isnt a nice choice for running shoes

Jogging with Fiction said...

I have the same shoes! Usually I go a half size up for running shoes, but I think these run a little big. I tried on a bunch of shoes before getting these and was wearing a 10.5 for all of them (yes I have huge feet), but I'm wearing a 10 for the adrenaline. Definitely exchange because they are great shoes!

Penny said...

When I started putting on more miles on my shoes I had to go up a 1/2 size. To allow for my feet expanding during my long runs. But after running in them and you still think they are to big. I would take them exchange them.

Anonymous said...

So weird... I've never heard of Adrenaline's running a size big. I DID have to buy Brooks Ghosts a size bigger, but that's because the shoe model ran small.

Follow your gut, take 'em back.