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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Champagne Thursday

Cheers to you all!

In honor of Thursday being my Friday, Champagne to all my friends!

Mr. Incredible and I are heading out in the morning on a much needed alone weekend.  22 years together and we still got the HEAT!  I always wanted to say that.

Ruidoso/Mescalero, New Mexico here we come. 

I will NOT be taking my work-out gear, I am pretty sure this is the first time ever I have not taken running/work-out gear on a trip... I am taking my golf clubs, does that count? 

This is a first time trip to Ruidosa and we have heard how fabulous it is there. 

You all have a great weekend!  And If you are by chance running or racing this weekend, I will be SO jealous.. But I will be cheering you on!  Good Luck, Good Luck, Good Luck!

What are your weekend plans?

If you are going to Run, Run Half Crazy!


Michelle said...

Have a fabulous weekend!! Time away sounds so good :)

Jennifer Cotter said...

Just stumbled upon your blog! Have a great weekend, and hope your foot heals quickly! :)

Michael said...

Wow, that's crazy....my parents live in Ruidoso. It is beautiful...but unfortunately right now they are having a serious drought. Hope you weren't planning on doing any hiking - I think the whole National Forrest is closed.

Have a great trip!

tink said...

have a great weekend, i'll be running, and studying my booty off all weekend. :p

coach dion said...

I never travel without my running gear, but even if I'm not running I have running gear on...

Enjoy your little holiday and think about us stuck at home, OK I won't be spending much time at home I have 3 races this weekend. (don't worry they are my training for my marathon)