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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

May Goals

I have enjoyed a nice week off.. But now it is time to get back into workout mode..

I went to the Doctor and had the foot x-rayed... Good News...No stress fracture...Bad News....He said I should take 2-4 weeks off running to let the plantar faciitis heal properly.  I promised Mr Incredible 4 weeks no running.  He made me put it in writing! Can you believe that...

The Doc also gave me another shot in my foot.  Holy Cow those hurt!

So I have been thinking,  I know that scares the hell heck out of me too.  I have been wanting to loose a few pounds, okay 10-15 pounds to be exact.  This is the hardest thing for me to do while I am running 3-4 days a week.  It's funny too, because when I first started running the weight just fell off with out even trying.  Now I have a tendency to put weight on during training.  What the Heck!  I will be keeping a food journal to track everything I eat.  Bonus, I hear that if you can lose even 10 pounds you will run faster.  Bring It On!  

So May is going to be the month that I focus on Weight Loss and strengthening my Core with Cross Training.  For Cardio I will be on my favorite Spinning bike for 60 minutes, I will also be venturing into the pool at least once a week.  For my Core work I will be using P90X Core Synergistic and Ab Ripper X.

Here is what the workout schedule looks like right now:

3 days:  Cardio
2 days: Core 
1 day : Swim 

I may tweak it as I go.  But its a start.  I will be totally jealous of all you out there running.  But I look forward to reading your blogs and running vicariously through you for the next 4 weeks.. Happy Running :)

If your going to Run, Run Half Crazy!


Heather said...

Try to enjoy your break. I know it is hard.
Anxious to hear how the p90x goes.

Anonymous said...

OH no!! At least you have a plan in place though. I hope your foot heals up nice and quick!

Penny said...

Sorry to hear you have to take 4 wks off. That P90X is tough. I think it will help you keep some of your weight off.Hoping for a fast recovery.

That Pink Girl said...

Sorry you are hurting! Maybe the "rest" will help you to recharge and mix it up with all the cross training you mentioned! Hope you have fun with it! You'll be back to running in no time and good as new. Glad you are being good to your foot and giving it the rest it need!

Michelle said...

You've got a great plan. Hopefully these 4 weeks will be what you need to come back stronger!

coach dion said...

I can see you running faster in June already...