“The Miracle isn’t that I Finished, The Miracle is that I had the Courage to Start”

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Joys of Not Running!

It has been 3 weeks and 3 days since my last run.  I have found that there is NO Joy in Not Running, well for me anyway.
 I am not a very good Cross Trainer.   I would rather RUN!  I know that Cross Training is a very important part of running.  It will make me a stronger runner.  Right?
But here’s the deal.   I have a hard time holding myself accountable.  I hate to say it but I need to have a work-out buddy meet me at the gym or I will not follow through.  I know it’s sad.  You are now learning how needy I am… Don’t Judge.

Do you need to have a work-out buddy to hold you accountable at the gym or when you run?

I finally made it to the gym yesterday, yes, I did it by myself.   
I rode the Spinning bike for 30 minutes, stretched for 15 and used the weight machines for my arms.  I will have guns someday!  When I came home I put in Ab Ripper X.  I use to be able to get through the whole workout.  I had to stop several times.  And my gut is sore this morning.  That’s enough Motivation for me to get back at it 3 days a week.  It’s Crazy how fast you can get out of shape.  I felt fantastic when I was finished and slept like a baby last night.
Keep your fingers crossed that I make it the gym again today, CARDIO BABY!

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High Fives to all you Runners out there who Ran this weekend.  Many of you had some tough challenges to get through… Mental and Physical.  Way to Stick it out and Finish!!!

I have 3 more Half Marathons scheduled for 2011:
Women’s Half Marathon in Arizona  11/6/2011

I can start to run easy on May 30th.  Foot is feeling better and I know the rest is helping.  The diet is coming along nicely,  4 pounds down!

 If your going to Run, Run Half Crazy!


Penny said...

I like to go to the gym instead of workout at home. Because it is my time with the girls and they motivate me. I love having a running partner diffently keeps me accountable with my running. Other wise I can be a slacker. I just get bored running by myself. Hang in there not much longer and you will be hitting the pavement.

Running Ricig said...

When it comes to cardio other than running, I'm pretty terrible at keeping myself accountable too. Way to get to the gym by yourself!!

ashley (redonk runner) said...

i'm the same way! i'm rock at running, i SUCK at cross-training. i wish i had someone to keep me accountable with strength!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Aw, dang it! So sorry this injury has held you back :/

A gym buddy certainly helps, but coordinating schedules is hard too! Go Kittee, get that cardio in!!!

Yes for Vegas!!! ;)

Anonymous said...

May 30 is just around the corner. YAHOO!!