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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Runner's Survey

I read this runner's survey on a few blogs I follow and thought it would be fun to do and pass on so you can share it on your blog.  I love learning more about all my running friends.  SO GO!

 What is your favorite type of cross training? 
Spinning!  I picked it up a few months ago due to an injury.  What a workout!  I live in a small town so there are no classes offered but my gym has a spinning bike that has a trainer on the bike.  I just plug my earphones in and turn it on.  Someday I would love to take a real class.  I love to sweat, and this really does it for me.  And I feel incredible when I am finished.
What is your favorite song to run to? 
 I love a good hip hop song.  Dynamite by Taio Cruz is keeping me motivated right now.
What brand of shoes do you wear? Asics.  I loved the Gel Nimbus 11.  I need a stability shoe.  Tried the Gel Nimbus 12 and did not like them so much.  I am in the Kayano and testing the Brooks Adrenaline

Do you wear a hat when you run? Always!  I love to run in a hat, it keeps the sweat out of my eyes.  I have short hair so I don’t have to fix it in the morning when I run.  I might scare some people in the morning without it. 

What temperature is your favorite for running? 60-65 degrees is perfect.  Cool enough to start in a light jacket and warm enough that I can wear my skirt or shorts.

Do you have any big races coming up?
September 11:  Denver Half Marathon
November 6:  Women’s Half Marathon, Arizona
December 4:  Las Vegas Half Marathon

What is your favorite distance? 
13.1... Love, Love, Love the Half Marathon - enough to require adequate training, but short enough to not consume your life.

 Are you a morning, noon or evening runner? All of the above...  I am all over the place when it comes to getting a run in.  I love to run in the morning but some days it just does not work.  I love my bed more!

Do you run solo or with a buddy? I do my Long Runs with a buddy.  But usually all the rest I do Solo.

What's your favorite post run snack? Green Protein Smoothie…

What's your FAVORITE race?  I did the Disney Princess and the Disneyland Half those 2 would have to be my favorites.  They were so much fun!  I got my PR in Florida and them my daughter ran her first Half with me in California.  I was so Proud!

Kittee, Kylee(daughter), JL(running buddy)

Are you a fan of GU?  I do like GU, Vanilla or Chocolate is my favorite.
Do you wear a Garmin? If not, how do you track your runs?   Yes I run with a Garmin 405.  Her name is LoLa…  I love it!!!
What is your least favorite race?I didn't necessarily ENJOY running in 80 degree Heat and finishing in 90 degree Heat.  I was sunburned and on the verge of Heat Stroke I am pretty sure.  Miserable…

What do you drink to keep Hydrated? I drink water, but on long runs I have been using Nuun.  Not a big fan of Gatorade.
What race is your favorite medal from?   Disney World Princess Half , it’s a Princess Crown!

Who is your running idol? 
All my friends in blogland!  Some days when I don't "feel" it, all I have to do is read a couple blogs and I'm Inspired and Motivated...

How long have you been a runner? 
I was a Sprinter in High School,  Then moved on to running 3-4 miles a day while in the Navy.  Took a few years off to raise kids. Started running Loooong 3 years ago to find myself again.  I am hooked!

Do you run with your engagement/wedding ring on? 
Yes I do!

What's your favorite workout? repeats? long runs? tempo? fartleks?  
Love Speed work!  But I do enjoy the Long Run probably just as much.  What is a fartleks?

How do you Fuel before a Long Run?  I eat a bagel with peanut butter at least an hour before my run and drink Nuun.    

If you are going to Run, Run Half Crazy!


Running Ricig said...

I think I'm running vegas too!!

Michelle said...

These posts are always fun to read! I didn't realize you have 3 more halfs scheduled for this year - that's great!

coach dion said...

Yes posts like this alway shed a little light into the minds of the blogger...

My Cross training, when I was younger, I would have said dancing the night away...

How long have I been running? maybe 35 years... but I ran my 1st road race in 1986

Tricia said...

yipeee I'm running vegas too!