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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Look Back

Hello World!  It is now 11 days into January 2011, that makes it 1-11-11, just in case you didn't know.  January always seems like the month that we look back on the past year to see what we have accomplished and how we have grown as a person/runner.  It's also a time to set new goals for ourselves for the new year.  I have many things I need to work on, serioulsy. But I will not beat myself up because I am human.

In the 2010 Running World I completed 3 half marathons in 3 different states, 1 10k and 2 5k's.  The Half Marathons are my favorite.  Each experience this year has helped me to grow as a runner and a person.  I ran my first 1st half in 2010 with my BFF/Running Buddy, the 2nd with my daughter and the 3rd all by myself.  I have to say running with someone by my side in a race really helps me mentally.  Note to self, work on mental game when racing alone.  I hate (is hate to strong a word) to run 5k's, those first 3-4 miles really kill me.  At the start of a long run I dread the first few miles.  So in honor of hating 5k's I am going to run more of them.  May not make much sense but I figure I need to embrace the first 3-4 miles to be a better runner.

As I get further into my running I noticed that my training is different from when I first started in 2008.  I used to just run 4 days a week.  2010 involved training with hills, speed work and swimming as cross training.  Love speed work, maybe that comes from being a sprinter in high school.  Hills not so much.  I wasn't sure I would like swimming, but I do.  Of course, I am not a fast swimmer, I like to look pretty when I swim. (that's what my husband says) I just need to learn how to do that flip thing when its time to turn.  By stepping outside the box and trying some different training my running has improved and so has my outlook on life.  I am evolving one step at a time.  I will never be that elite runner, But I can train like one. 

Training Goals for 2011:
* Embrace the 5k
* Work on mentally racing alone
* Tempo Runs
* Learn to flip turn
* Run a 2 hour half marathon

Any advice would be appreciated!


Evolving Through Running said...

Elite is just a state of mind. Your 2010 looks pretty darn strong, and your 2011 goals are impressive.

Read your training goals too quickly and saw the last one as run a 2 1/2 hour marathon. If you hit that you'd be all kinds of elite. Best of luck with all of your goals!

Kara said...

I, of course, have no advice. If you need a pep squad on the other hand I can help you there:) Your goals sound great. The flip turns are no problem if you start doing TRI's as you will be swimming in open water!

Anonymous said...

Nice blog and great post. You have established nice goals. I look forward to checking back to see how well you are doing.